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Seasoning A Snob Mary Onnis

Seasoning A Snob

Mary Onnis

Kindle Edition
231 pages
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 About the Book 

SYNOPSISThis memoir is both a love story and a detective story involving many true twists and conclusions. Yet it is the beginning (along with my next book: MORE SEASONING) of my unusual entry into adulthood.I was a very blessed, twenty-one year old Alabama Belle with an ideal, highly respected family in a nice, privileged home with high social status and enough money. However, starting in 1959 when nice girls just didn’t do such, I left my home and family and ventured, all alone -- to Miami, FL with the goal of learning what the lives of ordinary folks are like.Inspiration for this quest had come from reading The Prince and the Pauper. If I could mix in with common people as the Prince had, I should gain an understanding of what life is like for most others. I succeeded! My interactions involved a variety of people whose backgrounds, routine lives and emotional experiences were astounding in their differences from mine. These provided me with a meaningful, sometimes agonizing, sometimes sad, yet deeply-enhanced understanding of life.Knowing I wanted to share this story some day, I wrote the first draft soon after it occurred. Reviews, four writers’ conferences and many edits over the years have kept the memories crisp. Welcome to my life.ABOUT THE AUTHORMary Onnis has had several professional jobs utilizing her graduate studies in the behavioral sciences. For eighteen years, she was a social science research analyst. Prior to that, Mary was an assistant professor and assistant dean of women at two universities, a child welfare worker and a classified materials control officer. Mary is also the mother of two children. Now retired, she writes about her personal experiences in the hopes of touching and inspiring others in their life journey. Her memoirs include: Closet Psychic, Seasoning A Snob, and More Seasoning. She is now working on her fourth memoir manuscript. Marys books are available on Amazon.com as paperbacks and Kindle ebooks.