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Attend Les Arbres (B&w): Go to the Trees Melissa Smith

Attend Les Arbres (B&w): Go to the Trees

Melissa Smith

Published October 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781480041011
146 pages
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Attend Les Arbres Go to the Trees By Rev. Melissa Smith Copyright Prohibited 2012 Dear Brother Tree, may I sojourn with thee perhaps, for one minute, an hour or the entire day? May I rest upon thy trunk, wilt thy embrace me with thy branches? Oh let me never be without thee for within thy embrace is the wellness for my being. Rev. Melissa Smith Introduction On every continent of the Earth, trees exist. It is difficult to travel anywhere upon the planet without seeing a tree. Trees are necessary and essential to the everyday life of all life upon and within Earth. Trees provide shelter to man and small creatures. Trees provide food in the form of fruits and nuts that feed man and the creatures of the Earth. Throughout the planet, tree bark provides wood for the building of homes for shelter and furniture. Trees clean the air and keep the atmosphere free of toxins. The green and blooming flower trees provide visual and physical stimulation that is pleasing to the being of man. Throughout the ages, man realized early the importance of trees to the existence of all that was, is and ever shall be. Over 2,000 years ago, Enoch, Hermes Trismegistus, Yeshu, the Christ plus many other messengers tried to guide man into a harmonious coexistence with trees and nature. The sacred knowledge that they possessed was not a secret and was left behind to endure for all time. However, their words were removed and kept hidden that the seeds of truth of the Prime Creator given unto them were not planted into the hearts of man. Herein, are excerpts from the messages and teachings of: 1.Enoch: The First and Second Books of Enoch 2.Hermes Trismegistus 3.Yeshu, the Christ Upon the completion of this reading, your inner standing and knowledge of trees will be increased. An, you will know without doubting that the trees are your brothers, that you are ONE and that you cannot exist without them. May your wisdom be increased for the betterment of your life. Rev. Melissa Smith ENOCH First Book of Enoch Chapter 3 Observe and see how in the winter all the trees seem as though they had withered and shed all their leaves, except fourteen trees, which do not lose their foliage but retain the old foliage from two to three years till the new comes. Chapter 4 And again, observe the days of summer how the sun is above the earth over against it. You seek shade and shelter by reason of the heat of the sun, and the earth also burns with growing heat, so you cannot tread on the earth or on a rock by reason of its heat. Chapter 5 Observe ye how the trees cover themselves with green leaves and bear fruit wherefore, give heed and know with regard to all His works, and recognize how He that liveth forever hath made them so. All His works go on thus from year to year forever, and all the tasks which they accomplish for Him, their tasks change not, but according as YAH hath ordained so is it done. Behold how the sea and the rivers in like manner accomplish and change not their tasks from His commandments. But ye, have not been steadfast, nor done the commandments of YAH, but ye have turned away and spoken proud and hard words with your impure mouths against His greatness. Oh, ye hard hearted, ye shall find no peace. Therefore shall ye execrate your days, and the years of your life shall perish, and the years of your destruction shall be multiplied in eternal execration, and ye shall find no mercy. In those days, ye shall make your names an eternal execration unto all the righteous. By you shall all who curse, curse, and all the sinners and YAHless shall imprecate by you, and for you the YAHless, there shall be a curse. Second Book of Enoch Chapter 8 Two springs come out which send forth, honey and milk, and their springs, send forth oil and wine, and they separate, into four parts, and go round with quiet course, and go down into the Paradise of Eden, between corruptibility and in corruptibilit